How We Find Unity in Financial Differences

Cash Envelope System My husband and I having been working through baby step 3 (save 3-6 months of expenses) of Financial Peace University and let me tell you, it has been tough.

The tough part hasn’t been saving the money, it’s been working together. We’ve had a pretty good system so far working through the Total Money Makeover, but wanted to step it up and decided to go through Financial Peace University.

Well, the class has exposed some things which I think is a good thing. Things we already know like, we both have strong leadership qualities (control freaks), can be a bit stuck in our ways, and tend to work better individually (when it comes to money) toward a common goal.

We had a good system going, but felt like we could make a greater impact if we had a single budget like Dave says in FPU. Well that hasn’t been working. Trying to have a single budget has been the bane of our existence the last 60 days.