4 Choices Women Are Afraid to Make

4 Choices Women Are Afraid to Make

What would you do differently if you stopped giving so much power to what people thought of you and your choices?

Take a moment to give it some serious thought.

I think it’s a good thing to give thought to how a bad choice may affect your character and witness to others, but I’m talking about good choices you know you need to make, but maybe are afraid to make.

You know those choices that scare you to even think about how good life could be if you’d just get up the courage to do them.

I’m going to tell you about a few choices I’ve made in my life that you may be contemplating, but are too afraid to act on. These choices are ones that have been the most difficult because they are not the norm in our society and they’ve made me feel like I don’t quite fit in with everyone else.


What I’ve learned from these choices is that I’m not called to fit in, I’m called to leadership. Being a leader often means doing what isn’t popular in order to encourage others to action. It means being to first of my peers to act on good choices despite my reservations or fears.