A Proverbs Wife

A Typical Monday

A typical school day is as follows: 7am I am up to shower and start breakfast. Breakfast is usually a large pot of whole rolled oats or pancakes. Both are very easy to make. The rolled oats only require a large pot and the pancakes I am able to cook five at a time with a double burner griddle. Breakfast is usually done and the kitchen straightened by about 8:05-8:15am. At 8:15am we start Math. I print work book pages for all of the children from www.cimt.plymouth.ac.uk/projects/mep/default.htm . After 40 minutes of Math we begin Language Arts at 9:00am…My 12 year old works on Grammar, Composition, Literature and Oration while my 6 year old works on Phonics and Handwriting. My 4 year old has a computer program that teaches phonics through interactive games. It’s great because it keeps track of her progress and gives me a daily report. She does this twice a week, and twice a week I sit with her completing activities while checking for mastery in certain areas. After 40 minutes of Language Arts we begin Bible Study 10:00am. My 12 year old is on the church quiz team so she has assignments that are monitored by her teacher. My younger children get mini bible lesson from Sunday School each that coincide with what they are learning at church. We focus on these throughout the week. After 40 minutes of Bible Study we have Civics at 11:00am. We are focusing on the branches of government and what they do. We utilize many age appropriate resources for this subject. We work on Civics for 30 minutes and then begin Physical Education at 11:45am. P.E. is basically aerobics and strength training. The kids job in place do jumping jacks push ups and squats for 15 minutes which totals 75 minutes a week. My oldest child may use the stair climber instead. I simply check the timer when she’s done. (And no she can’t cheat because the timer will stop when the climber is not in motion). It is now 12:00pm and we have lunch, read, rest, play video games, or use the computer for 1 hour. I also use this time to start dinner. At 1:05 pm we start with History or Science for 40 minutes. We’ve just started learning about Explorers 1400’s-1600’s and Humans and Disease in Science. We begin Reading at 2:00pm. My oldest will work on Reading Comprehension and my younger children and I listen to my 6 year old read for 30 minutes. Lastly we start Electives at 2:30pm. Electives have two 30 minute sessions that rotate between Computer and Spanish. My oldest has started a webpage that she is responsible for maintaining, and my 6 year old is learning basic Windows operations like how to change font and format papers. My two youngest normally get distracted and bored quickly so for my 4 year old I have plenty of handwriting and math sheets as well as reading books. I also give her pictures and objects that have been cut out of magazines and she make collages. My 2 year old will usually end up watching PBS or playing with one of our Leap Pad interactive books or with a deck of cards. His favorite thing is playing Hey It’s Franklin on the Gameboy Advance. This is our typical school day. From 3:00pm until 4:00pm everyone just relax and completes small chores like vacuuming, sweeping or laundry. There are really not many because throughout the day I schedule the classes with a 15 minute window in between just in case. During these 15 minute windows the kids take care of hygiene I usually load or unload the washer and dryer, vacuum, fold laundry, put away laundry load or unload the dishwasher and tidy up. At 5:00pm we work on arts and crafts. This week we are learning origami and working on decorating our Fall themed bulletin board. At around 6:00pm we have dinner. At 7:00pm we watch Wheel of Fortune and then Jeopardy. Then at 9:00pm the three youngest children get entertainment until 9:00pm and the oldest until 10:00pm. At that time I usually complete my Women’s Bible Study Workbook or watch t.v. until my husband gets home if I am not to tired.

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