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To Whom Much Is Given…

Earlier this week I received a call from our church Youth Pastor. He wanted to know if my husband and I would be interested in teaching a Sunday school class for third and fourth grade boys. My initial decision was, “sure I would be glad to devote a Sunday to this task”. Seeing as though I have four children, that attend Sunday school, I always felt an obligation to teach at least once a month. This once a month rule was a stop loss mechanism to be sure that I did not miss out on personal fellowship time. But the problem presented itself when the pastor explained that he needed someone who could teach for a quarter. I thought Oh no! A whole quarter? I really wanted to help out but accepting would mean that I would have to begin attending second service as opposed to first and I also would not be able to attend Sunday school any more.

As you can tell this request was beginning to become very burdensome to say the least. I already knew what my husbands response would be. He’d say something to the effect of “I probably would teach once every quarter but not for a whole quarter”. If teaching the class could somehow fit conveniently into my schedule and not interfere with my current Sunday morning agenda then I would have most certainly obliged. I wanted to help but I didn’t want to accept the inconvenience. Then I heard God’s voice saying “To whom much is given, much is required” Luke 12:47-48 . Every thing that God had done in my life had prepared me for this very request. So it wasn’t a matter of inability. I didn’t want the inconvenience,nor did I want to share my fellowship time. But when I heard HIS voice I no longer looked at the request as a burden but as an offering. It became apparent that it was my reasonable service.

God has prepared me all my life to teach. But when my talent was requested for use in HIS house, I was tempted to deny HIM the very thing that He fashioned me for. We often forget that a large part of coming to church is to bring an offering of your gifts and talents. God prepares us, through life’s experiences to do the work to build his house. I would hate to have to face God in heaven knowing the only thing that I have to show for my time was my dedication to obtaining earthly possessions, and earthly favor. Today my focus has been refocused on reaching toward Godly favor.

God Bless

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