Please relate something from the book that was particularly resonant for you

Hadias said:

This paragraph stood out for me, when Claire said this to Mrs. Larry;

“I tried to persuade Jimmy to let father loan him a few thousand, just for the good of his career. He accused me of trying to weaken his character. He said I could learn how to manage, if I really loved him. And I told him if he waited until I knew how to manage a house on forty dollars a week, he’d forget how to love me.” Pg.6

This section was particularly resonant for me because I didn’t know how to care for the home when my husband and I first married. I couldn’t cook from scratch to save my life and I was very overwhelmed when I became a stay at home mom. At times I feared that my husband might leave me. These thoughts were a result of my feelings of inadequacy. What helped me was when I began visiting with my mother in law. She taught me a large part of what I know about homemaking and thrift. I guess she’s my very own “Mrs. Larry”.

Also what I found remarkable in chapter two is the way in which Mr. Larry, when faced with having to reduce the company’s debt by ten thousand dollars a year, is able to fall asleep so easily. If I have to reduce the grocery bill by ten dollars I’m up at least half the night.

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