What do you like so far about the book? What do you dislike so far?

Milehimama said:

The book is very interesting (once you get through the old fashioned prices!) It was a little jarring to read about the “dago stand with ragamuffin delivery boys” though!

Lawanda said:

I like that it is written with the “romance” to make it more readable. Thought that was cute. I do not like that it is about women who have maids and lawyers as husbands, though. I guess the middle class to me does not involve those types of jobs. Well, I know I should be caring more about thrift. But it is very difficult, like the pp said, in our throw away world… Actually I thought the description of the farmer’s wife p 13-14 sounded so inviting. I want to be that! haha

When Mrs. Larry went to her grocer and attempted to put her new skills to work, and the grocer explained things to her, I felt the futility of the thing as much as Mrs Larry! I feel like everything I learn has an opposing force that cancels it out as well. It can be so disgruntling…

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