Students teasing and bullying others has become an epidemic among school children today. My daughter was being teased at school which led me to make the decision to take all of our children out of public school. Students teased her because I wouldn’t allow her to hang out at the movies and malls unattended. Also because I wouldn’t allow her to date and talk to boys on the phone. At the age of eleven or twelve this is not appropriate for my children.

A friend of mine told me that her daughter would cry at night because she was teased about the texture of her hair. Her peers often called her a lesbian because she was a virgin and chose not to date in high school. What kind of moral foundation is being taught in the homes of so many of today’s students?
The pressure for my daughter to fit in with what she considered to be her peers was distracting her from serving God and reaching her goals. It was also causing many problems at home between her and the rest of the family. Her peers (whom she called friends) basically told her that we were her enemy and that we didn’t trust her. We allowed her to finish the sixth grade and withdrew her from school. Now that she is homeschooled her attitude towards the family has improved. She is now focused on God and her goals for the future. She now has more freedom to participate in activities with friends because she is doing them with other believers that we know and trust.
No child should have to go to school and be verbally or even physically assaulted. If this is happening to your child please take action. Dealing with this environment on a daily basis will lead to long term damaging results if not in their childhood it will manifest in their adult life.This is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Pray and ask God to direct your decisions.


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