Day Care Worker Accused of Drugging Kids

Can you believe this? I certainly can. This is the very same thing I dealt with a few years ago. You could say that I had a temporary case of insanity, which resulted in me placing my children in day-care.

My three youngest children went to daycare for approximately 60 days. For some strange reason, perhaps the strain of a one income lifestyle, I thought that it would be a grand idea to return to work. I think the initial shock of a one income household sent me off the deep end. Anyway, while the children were in daycare my youngest daughter caught a staph infection. As a result she had the first surgery of her lifetime at two years old. Shortly after that, the caregiver for my infant son asked if I would bring some Tylenol so that she could administer it to him to help him sleep. F.Y.I (For Your Information) he was not sick.

That was the straw that broke the camels back. That temporary lapse in judgement was a wake up call for me. I have not been back to work since. This video and all of the news stories like it simply re-confirm for me that raising my children at home is the right choice.

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