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Homeschool Year 2 Day 5

We are coming to the close of our first week here at my house. It has been great. I have never seeen the children so excited about learning. I have made ot of some areas that I need to improve on such as:

1. Keeping the little ones busy.

I noticed that I haven’t prepared my lessons to include my two youngest children’s down time. For example when the children work on math the two oldest work for twenty minutes, and my two youngest for ten. When ten minutes have passed I allow the two youngest to watch PBS or work in an area ie., blocks, clay, stitching etc,. In theory this plan sounds great but in the midst of educating four children, preparing meals and home up keep I forget to direct them to their activity areas. And before I know it I have “Fight Club” in the living room. This has become a distraction. So next week I will have designated areas listed on my lesson plan as a part of their learning to help us remain orderly and bruise free.

Here is a sample of notebooking pages my 7 y.o. began working on this week. We are studying Europe, specifically England, Italy and Rome and Greece. We’ll be looking at some famous people born in Europe. This week we read about Shakespeare’s life. We began reading “Midsummer Night Dream” and ” Romulus and Remus The story of How Rome First Came to be Built”

Part of our Nature Study was on “Daddy Long Leg” spiders. We watched this video and then read chapter one of this story. For art we learned about Giotti di Bondone and looked at one of his pieces. The children took some basic biography notes (which I paraphrased), then viewed the picture for five minutes. After that the picture was taken away they had to verbally narrate what details they could remember. We will do the same thing for two more prints by “Giotti”, then we’ll move on to another artist.

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2 thoughts on “Homeschool Year 2 Day 5

  1. I am inspired by all your kids hard work! WTG Mama!

    As for Parables from Nature…. I was worried about that book too. The language is advanced and I thought it might go over their heads. But, I was wrong! I did a pre-read of the first story and practice how I would read it (very animated) and they picked right up on it and enjoyed it very much. It might have been on of their favorites of the week. Cole, my oldest, guessed right away that the butterfly eggs were actually baby caterpillars and it lead to a great discussion of what will happen after this life and having faith. I think it was a success.

    As for the Burgess Book, we haven’t started it yet. It comes up this week and I plan to read chapter 1 on Jenny Wren and then use our field guide to help them learn what a Wren looks like. I am hoping to get some seed to spread in the yard to attract birds and hopefully see a wren. There are also some sites online that have the various bird calls you can listen too. I also printed a list of bird local to Maryland and what seasons you can see them, and I will choose chapters from the book to correlate with seasonal birds.

    Hope that helps!


  2. You said you let the little ones watch PBS or play when they are on their down time. Shows aren’t normally ten minutes though and I found some great old lambchop videos that are Bible stories but they last only a few minutes each. Maybe you can find some videos like that as well. Hope that is a helpful idea…

    God bless,


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