5 Things I Want My Children To Remember About Me

1. That I gave them all that I had to give.

2. That I loved them and would do anything for them.

3.That giving birth to each of them was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

4.That the time I spent being thier mom was the best times of my life.

5.That I always believed in them.
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  1. Thanks guys for stopping by. I really enjoy this picture as well. It would be even more fitting for a post on the relationship between mothers and daughters. The way in which the mother stands behind the daughter speaks volumes to the relationship that a mother and daughter share. I see a mother who not only prays for her daughter but encourages and motivates her.Thanks again.


  2. This is wonderfully inspiring — and if I had to tell without using any words , what my heart’s desire is for my relationship with my daughters , the image you have here would do it perfectly.
    Absolutely beautiful. I hope you don’t mind if I link you on my sidebar.


  3. Another gorgeous image! I love it. And it makes your wishes stand out 🙂

    I hope my kids do NOT remember my crankiness. 🙁


  4. Thanks for visiting my blog last week. I was just browsing yours myself.
    Four children, wow. I have only 2 but always wanted four. The hubby thinks we have enough, so that’s it . . . for now :).
    I’ll visit again.


  5. Hey Shelia. Thanks for stopping by. I really love the image that you use as well. I go to so many blogs and see thier wonderful art work which has inspired me to begin beautifying my blogspace. I am so surprised at what I’ve found. I didn’t know that you were a mom. I enjoy your blog as well. I don’t follow tennis much but I am aware of the great african americans that are in the media. Your blog is very informative. I love to see the athletes that you post about. thanks again for stopping by.


  6. You find the most beautiful artwork to illustrate your posts. And I totally agree, I do hope that my children know/remember those things about me. I have two children, one a sophmore in college and the other still in high school. We have a lot of fun and talk all of the time, to the point where I hide from them sometimes! I’m so happy that they come to me on their own. It is so rewarding.


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