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Nina said… in response to my comment on the post A Servants Rantings

Well it’s good to hear about their attitude after church. I was ready to
comment that while I definitely agree with the other house rules, maybe making
their stay there conditional upon attending church might do more harm to their
spiritual lives than good, simply because people tend not to embrace what if
“forced” on them. But I totally understand your position, and maybe you’re right
— get them in church and let the Holy Spirit do the rest. Of course, we know
the Holy Spirit can and does convict everywhere, not just church.

Hello Nina,

I had considered the harm that could be done by making church attendance a condition. I thought that maybe it could build resentment. It might even cause them to dislike Christians, but what made the decision for me was this scripture “As for me and my house we shall serve the Lord.”

I can not be a hypocrite. If I don’t make it conditional for them, then when my adult children are living at home they can use this experience as a reason to say they shouldn’t be required to go to church. I am more concerned for what my children are exposed to, than with my brothers feelings. I have to be, because I am in part accountable for my children’s salvation at this point.

I have a 14 year old daughter whom I talk to about fornication and premarital sex. I tell her how it hurts Gods plans for family. She knows that we are against it, yet we are letting her unmarried uncle and girlfriend stay with us. This is one reason why we regret allowing them to come and stay. I don’t see scriptually where it would be helpful to them spirtually to compromise on anything more than I already have.

Thank you Nina for your comment.

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