Langston Hughes~~Poetry Unit Study

We have been studying Langston Hughes over the last two weeks. I used activity #1 from this site as a guide. This lesson is for my 2nd and 8th grader.

Day 1 …we read a short biography about Langston Hughes.
Day 2…we chose one of his poems to recite.
Day 3…we began working on the tri-fold brochure on his life.
Day 4…we practiced reciting our poems out loud and continued working on our brochure.
Day 5…We printed our brochures and recited our poems.


  1. blessedmama752 says

    We are studing Maya Angelou. My 10th grader and 6th grader. They have to get one of her poems that they choose and give me their view about it. We just started. What I have them doing is to let me know in their open journal how they feel about her work. Also they have to write me a poem.


  2. Sallie says

    We haven’t gotten into poetry except for what we read in general.. The children do like to create haiku’s though 🙂

    God bless,


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