Breakfast Gathering

I have a small dillema…For the month of November I will be attending a breakfast social, a dinner social and have also volunteered to prepare dinner for a couple I know.

I usually bake something for these types of events but unfortunately my oven stopped working on Monday. I was in the process of baking some oatmeal cookies and warming some twice baked potatoes from the freezer and realized that the oven rings weren’t warming up.

So here I am. For each of these events a homemade item is expected but if I can’t come up with any soultion I will buy something. I’m thinking for the dessert I will make banana pudding.

So this is where you all come in. Please leave a comment with ideas for the breakfast, the dessert and a meal for the family.

Your suggesestion must be no-bake. Also please specify if your suggestion is for a breakfast, dessert or dinner.Thank you guys. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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