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Breakfast Gathering

I have a small dillema…For the month of November I will be attending a breakfast social, a dinner social and have also volunteered to prepare dinner for a couple I know.

I usually bake something for these types of events but unfortunately my oven stopped working on Monday. I was in the process of baking some oatmeal cookies and warming some twice baked potatoes from the freezer and realized that the oven rings weren’t warming up.

So here I am. For each of these events a homemade item is expected but if I can’t come up with any soultion I will buy something. I’m thinking for the dessert I will make banana pudding.

So this is where you all come in. Please leave a comment with ideas for the breakfast, the dessert and a meal for the family.

Your suggesestion must be no-bake. Also please specify if your suggestion is for a breakfast, dessert or dinner.Thank you guys. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

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10 thoughts on “Breakfast Gathering

  1. I’m just now catching up on your posts. I am assuming you don’t have a microwave. Is that correct? I so feel for you losing your oven especially with Thanksgiving in just a few weeks. I would be beside myself. I have a recipe for a Breakfast Bake. It does require the use of an oven, but you might be able to do it in the microwave. In looking over it, you might be able to cook every thing and not use a microwave. Email me via my blogger profile and we can figure out whether this would be useful to you or not. 🙂


  2. Country Girl At Heart says:

    I appreciate all of the comments that you guys have left. Tonight I’m giving the no-bake cookies a test run, the rice crispy treats will be made this week due to the fact that while scanning my weekly circular I found that Rice Krispies, marshmellows and butter is on sale. Thanks Lawanda for the recipies and the links.

    Milehimama I will also be trying the peach cobbler as well because it’s so inexpensive and easy I just have to try it.

    I am still in search of a breakfast. I have to be able to bring it to church and it still tast good after sitting in the car for about an hour.

    Thanks again guys for all of your help.


  3. Homemaker05 says:

    No oven! Sad… but not impossible. 🙂 This just leaves room for creativity! Do you have a crock-pot? (OR one you could borrow) An egg casserole dish works well in thc crock-pot (I’ve eaten them, never made them myself ~ but someday.) 🙂 In case it’s not clear, this is a breakfast idea. 🙂 Hope you have a fun creative month!



  4. Milehimama says:

    I just used a basic cobbler recipe that used butter, flour, sugar, and oats for a topping and canned peaches for the filling (it would probably be better with fresh or frozen, but hey, we were living in a motel room!).
    Just remember that a crockpot takes twice as long as an oven when turned on high – allow 2 or 2 1/2 hours for an hour recipe, for example.
    Oh, and grease the crock first! Learned that the hard way LOL.


  5. Hadias, here is a website with a recipe for no bake cookies:


    Here is one for rice crispy treats:


    Here is one for Cornflakes Delight (YUM!)


    (Believe it or not, I don’t like it with the chocolate on them!) 🙂

    My recipe for no bake cookies goes like this:

    1.5 c white sugar
    4 tsp cocoa
    1 stick butter
    half cup milk
    half cup peanut butter (half my kids like creamy half like crunchy)
    3 cups oats
    1 TBS vanilla (can be less or more depending on whether you like the cookies dry or not)

    Heat sugar, cocoa, butter, and milk in a pan. Boil for 30 seconds after it comes to full boil. Take off heat. Add PB and Oats. Stir well and add Vanilla. If too dry, add a little more vanilla. (We like the moist, not dry.) Drop by spoonful onto wax paper.

    Takes a few hours or so to set up, but we usually have most of them eaten by that time 😉 (With a spoon, in a bowl! haha)


  6. Milehimama says:

    Brownies and cobblers make up great in a crockpot. I’ve even made peach cobbler in my rice cooker before!

    You could also try something elegant, like poached pears.

    Breakfast – pancakes, porridge, eggs and bacon, toad in the hole (cut a hole in a piece of toast with a glass, cook egg in circle) – I very, very rarely use my oven to make breakfast. Funnelcakes would be a delicious special breakfast or dessert (top with fruit).

    You could also make stovetop cookies, fudge, other candies.

    One of our fave crockpot recipes is to buy Sam’s brand Pineapple chipotle salsa from Walmart, slop it on a pork picnic, and cook in the crockpot.

    Another fave is porkchops – put in crockpot with salsa. Serve with blackbeans and rice (I usually cook the blackbeans with the porkchops, then mix it into a pot of rice).

    Chili feeds a crowd cheaply, as do almost any pasta dish. You can make lasagna in a crockpot, but spaghetti and noodles is just as good and it is stovetop.


  7. What about pancakes for the breakfast? Or French toast? I also love the fruit idea. I love fruit with my pancakes and french toast too though 🙂 Oh and whipped cream (the real kind!) YUM!

    We love rice pudding just made on the stove top for breakfast too…But that would also make a yummy dessert as well 🙂

    And we love the cereal desserts, corn flakes delight, no bake cookies, rice crispy treats…

    I think if you have a crock pot, the previous poster had great ideas! Or if not, you could use a large stove top pot, you could throw in pot roast or any other crock pot meal and slow cook it on your stove top.

    Good luck!! 🙂


  8. Country Girl At Heart says:

    Hey Brenda…my cooktop does indeed work it’s the oven rings that have stopped working. Since I am a bake-aholic I have had to make many alterations to my menus.

    Thanks Kaci for the tip I think this is something that can work for the breakfast.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Good morning! So sorry to hear about your oven….that IS an emergency! You don’t mention whether your cooktop is out too, or maybe you have a separate unit from the oven.

    Anyway, what about slow cookers? Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without mine…they can be lifesavers!

    We like oatmeal, & I’ve found that I can prepare that the night before in a slow cooker (I use the steel cut oats, or “Irish”, as they’re sometimes called). Cold water, set it on low, in bed by 11:00. It’s ready for the earliest risers the next morning. I have experimented with adding flavorings for the cooking process, but we found that cooking it plain was better for us, & each person can add what they like in their own bowl.

    I also like to make roast chicken in my slow cooker…it works beautifully. You should have an oval cooker, though. Just a better fit. Add your favorite seasonings, maybe a quartered onion & some carrots or parsnips. Cook for about 6 hours. Serve with a plain lettuce salad & some good bread, & you have a very fine dinner.

    Best of luck as you try to make do without your oven. Mine went out a couple years ago (would not maintain a high heat), & while we didn’t have to resort to takeout food, we certainly missed it! I hope the repairman will be knocking on your door soon!

    warmly, Brenda


  10. What about serving cut fruit with a yogurt dip as part of the breakfast?


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