Dan Boone’s "Chicken Little"

There are some things that I simply can’t relate to. For instance, a mother who doesn’t feel a natural connection to her newborn child…or what it’s like to be a man.

I’ve tried, as a young child, to imagine what it would be like to be a boy. I had admired my father and older brother very much as a child. I would try and image myself walking like them and sitting wide legged like they did. But the use of the lavoratory was always where my imagination became stumped. I could not imagine what it was like to stand up and use the restroom. I even gave it a shot once or twice…but very quickly realized that my anatomy prevented it…as well as the design of the toilet…which leads me to my point.

How many of you have ever read the whole book of Revelation? If you have I’m interested to know your views? If you have not, then why haven’t you? I am reading the book of Revelation with my Sunday school class. And along with it we are reading this book.

In Sunday School we discussed the fear that many people have in regards to the book of Revelation. I was surprised to learn that people even had a fear of what is written in Revelation.

As I read the book I was also surprised to learn that there were times in history when hundreds of thousands of people went and sold all of their possessions in preparation of the second coming of Jesus. They were told by philosophers, preachers and theologians that all that was written in the book of Revelation would now come to pass. So they stopped everything and waited.

I can’t, for the life of me, understand why someone would do such a thing. For one…even if one knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is returning tomorrow…what sense does it make to sell all that you have, quit your job and simply wait? Maybe someone can explain to me what I’ve missed. From what I understand of the book of Revelation is that the rapture takes place over a period of time.

The point is this…the return of Christ is a joyous time. It is a time of celebration for those who are in right standing with God. So my plans will be to continue in the work that He has given me until He comes.

I’m just curious to know:

How would today in your life look if Jesus were coming tommorrow?

What changes would you make if you knew Jesus were coming tomorrow?

Would you have any regrets or unfinished business?

If you haven’t already…accept Jesus Christ today. Confess your sins and repent while there is still time. You cannot control the day or time when Jesus will return but you can control your decision to accept or reject salvation.

The choice is yours.

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