Decorating 101: Use What You Have

The season is changing and so is the look of my home. When it’s Summer you’ll find fresh bloom’s in my kitchen window and when it’s the Winter, you’ll find Christmas themed candy and serving dishes. Our photo frames are switched out for cute little frames we have with Christmas carollers etched into them.

So now that it is Autumn it won’t be any different. The first thing that I did was add a new centerpiece to both my kitchen and dining room table. Nothing elaborate. Just a few things that I found lying around the house.

My yard is littered with pine cones which I let the kids go out back and gather up. We bring them inside, rinse them and then stick them in the oven on 350 degrees for 10 minutes. All of my decorations from now until January will incorporate pine cones. I am going to try to make a wreath of pine cones and evergreen in December when I do I will post pictures.

What are you doing to add personal touches to your home this season? If you post your response come back and leave a comment so my readers can come and check out your post.

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