Frugal Finds

This week I tried a new recipe using oat’s and peanut butter. These are staples that I always keep have in my cabinet and pantry. So I searched the internet for recipe’s that used both of these ingredients and found Hillbilly Housewife’sPeanut butter Granola .”

I usually go to her site first whenever I am looking for a new recipe because they are always inexpensive. From frequenting her site it seems that we keep similar ingredients on hand as well. The granola was delicious. I sprinkled it on yogurt and added milk to it to have for a breakfast cereal. Next time I will double the recipe so that I can keep some in the fridge. This recipe makes about 16oz. which we finished in about three days.

I am starting to build up my pantry for the winter. I have added a few things with some extra money that I had. To begin I received my single check rebate from Rite-Aid on a purchase I made in September. If you don’t know about rebates but have a Rite Aid in your area, stop by their site and check their rebate circular. Next… shop and then submit your receipts online. Finally, wait for your check. It’s that simple. I received $5 back on a $9 purchase.

The other free money was on a $9 return. I had brought some Hosta’s earlier this year that didn’t quite make it in my garden. My local garden center has a 1 year guarantee on their plants, so I dug them up and returned them. I wanted to buy some more Azalea’s like the one’s in this post but when I went to pick some up they had increased the price $1.00, so I just kept the refund. So now I have $14 in free money.

Next I had a $ 10 gift card for Kohl’s which brought me to a total of $24 in free money.

So Saturday I looked at a list that I keep to see what we needed for the house. I went to Kohl’s knowing that I would buy something for the kitchen. When I got to the store I went straight to the clearance section and found these Theory 18 pc. Beverage Set for %50 off. So $24.99- 50%=$12.95 – $10 gift card and $2.50 cash form the free money. Leaving me with $11.50 cash.

As I mentioned earlier, I am starting my pantry again so with the remaining money I went to the grocery stores and bought:

2 bottles”Sweet Baby Ray’s” at .99 cents each

4 boxes of 1 lb Ronzoni Pasta at .54 cents each

3 lbs of sweet onions for .99 cents each

5 lbs. of potatoes for .99 cents each

9 cans of black beans for .33 cents each

1 Cannoli for $1.75 ( I deserved it)

So my total came to $11.50 with tax.

Last but not least, when I was at one of the stores I saw that I could get 5lbs of flour with 2 “Greenbax” that I had accumulated from previous purchases. I took advantage of that deal as well and added the flour to my pantry.

I love to find and share great deals. If you know of any share them here. Also stop by Sallie’s Blog where she has a post with links on free stuff.