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Modest Mini Skirt Apron

My daughter and I made a really cute and fashionable apron out of a mini skirt. The skirt was given to me yesterday by my neighbor. If you’ve read my post “Turning over a New Leaf” then you’ll already know that we are on a mission to dress modestly…and that means no mini skirts for us.

But instead of trashing the mini or giving it away, I wondered “Could we still wear this and be modest?” Let’s see:

Step 1~We cut the mini up the side where it is stitched together but stop before we got to the waist where the belt hooks are. I kept about 1 inch of the waist on the back of the skirt.

Step 2~Next we hot glued the cut seems to the inside of the skirt. This is to create a clean edge.

Step 3~Next we attached a crotchet belt form a previous project to use as a waist tie. We threaded it through the hoops and sewed it to the extra inch of fabric on each side of the skirt.

Step 4~Tie on and, Viola.

My daughter just looooves it. And it was fun spending time with her working on it. Her face just lights up when I tell her to put it on and come help me in the kitchen.

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5 thoughts on “Modest Mini Skirt Apron

  1. Country Girl At Heart says:

    Thank you guys. I am trying daily to teach my children to be resourceful. I don’t have alot of extra money to by these high priced aprons I find online but I do love the way an apron makes me look when I get into the kitchen.

    I look at myself and think, I am about business. And when my children put on thier aprons they are all about business. The apron is the official uniform for kitchen business in our home.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I think you are a very creative woman! This is such a cute idea!



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