Modest Mini Skirt Apron

My daughter and I made a really cute and fashionable apron out of a mini skirt. The skirt was given to me yesterday by my neighbor. If you’ve read my post “Turning over a New Leaf” then you’ll already know that we are on a mission to dress modestly…and that means no mini skirts for us.

But instead of trashing the mini or giving it away, I wondered “Could we still wear this and be modest?” Let’s see:

Step 1~We cut the mini up the side where it is stitched together but stop before we got to the waist where the belt hooks are. I kept about 1 inch of the waist on the back of the skirt.

Step 2~Next we hot glued the cut seems to the inside of the skirt. This is to create a clean edge.

Step 3~Next we attached a crotchet belt form a previous project to use as a waist tie. We threaded it through the hoops and sewed it to the extra inch of fabric on each side of the skirt.

Step 4~Tie on and, Viola.

My daughter just looooves it. And it was fun spending time with her working on it. Her face just lights up when I tell her to put it on and come help me in the kitchen.

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  1. Thank you guys. I am trying daily to teach my children to be resourceful. I don’t have alot of extra money to by these high priced aprons I find online but I do love the way an apron makes me look when I get into the kitchen.

    I look at myself and think, I am about business. And when my children put on thier aprons they are all about business. The apron is the official uniform for kitchen business in our home.


  2. VERY cute!!!



  3. What a great idea! I really like that!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

    Blessings ~ Diane


  4. I think you are a very creative woman! This is such a cute idea!



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