Turning Over A New Leaf

Modesty is an issue that I’ve struggled with for some time. I know that dressing seductively is not pleasing to God because it sets a stumbling block in the path of Christian and unChristian men. I know that the site of a female’s anatomy can cause one to lust in their mind and I don’t want to be the stimulus for someone’s sin.

Yet at the same time I am tempted by the idea of physically attracting my husband to my physical attributes. My intention is not to attract the attention of another man…just mine. I desire to look sexy, by the world’s standards. This is my weakness. I want to look attractive…and my idea of attractive is figure flattering clothing like these.

I don’t show cleavage at all. I think that it is inappropriate in any setting. But what I do like is a shirt that is tailored at the waist and a tailored slack or jean pant. Like these:

I am very petite (5′, 2″~118 lbs) and do not like to be swallowed by my clothes. I have skinny arms and legs therefore I don’t like wide pants or shirts. What I consider tailored my husband considers tight. Like this entire outfit. Which is my style.

What has caused me to change my choice of clothing is when I began seeing my daughter dress in some of the styles that I’ve worn. When I began to see my styles on her, I immediately wanted her to take it off. When I saw the bumps and curves through her shirts and jeans I just wanted to take a blanket and throw it over her.I have been a hypocrite for years but now that she is going on fourteen I have become really serious about dressing modestly. Now with that said, let me show you how I am aspiring to dress:

Notice that there is no v-neck and the pants are a looser fit.

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