Vision Forum Giveaway

Kim at Life in a Shoe is sponsoring another Vision Forum giveaway. Three winners will receive up to $250 each in Vision Forum products. Head on over and post a link to your own wishlist on your blog to be entered in the drawing.

Here’s my wishlist:

Passionate Housewives: Desperate for God $16.00 p. 6

Thoughts for Young Men $8.00 p. 21

Home-Making $20.00 p. 24

The Wise Woman’s Guide to Blessing Her Husband’s Vision $16.00 p. 25

Raising Maidens of Virtue $20.00 p. 25

Why Satan Wants Your Firstborn and What to Do About It $10.00 p. 27

The Influence of Older Children on Younger Children $10.00 p. 27

Be Fruitful and Multiply $15.00 p. 31

The Fidelia Doll $89.00 p. 64

Southern Lady Doll Dress $19.00 p. 70

Teach Them to Your Children $17.00 p. 80

Rebuilding a Culture of Virtuous Boyhood $10.00 p. 90

Total: $250

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