When I Look Back Over My Life…

Artist: Salvador Dali
Title: Person at the Window
Thelma, from Adventures in Proverbs 31 Mommyhood posted a similar post to this one. She wrote about what was going on in her life 10~20 and 30 years ago. She is challenging her readers to blog about what they were doing 10~20~30 years ago and so am I.

I decided to add 5 years ago as well since there wasn’t much going on for me 30 years ago. If you decide to join in just leave me a comment and I will read your blog once you post.

5 year ago– I have given my life to Christ and have belonged to him 2 years now. He has given me grace, mercy and forgiveness. On top of that he has given me a husband and more children. I am still learning to live a life that pleases God. I am fervently resisting being a stay at home mom. I fear having to live on one income. I fear having to depend on my husband. I fear not being an independent woman. But with much prayer and reassurance I finally trust God and my husband, and take the leap. And here I am today.

10 years ago– I had just been kicked out of college. I was a young unwed mother of a three year old. With no job and no skills I began to pray for a change to take place in my life. I had come to the end of myself and knew that I needed help. I had no religion, but I knew that there had to something or someone in control of it all. My prayer was to my deceased father and what I said was “Daddy, I am all alone here and I need help. Please, if there is a God ask Him to help me in a way that I will be able to see” Shortly following that day I joined the Army and my life hasn’t been the same since.

20 years ago– I was a carefree child who loved reading and art. On my next birthday my father would be murdered. And the following year my mother would lose custody of my brothers and me.

30 years ago– I was born the second child and only daughter to my mother and father.