Tackle It Tuesday Meme

My closet had become quite a mess with the changing of the seasons. I had summer things mixed in with fall things and a little bit of winter things. So by looking at my closest I could tell that I was long over due in switching out the out of season pieces. I began with pulling down all of my sweaters from the top shelf and put them on hangers. I then removed the summer capri’s and short sleeved shirts. Below is what I started with…

…and this is what it looked like once I was done.

I then began to tackle to bottom half of the closet. It was filled with piggy banks, purses, boxes of sandals, sneakers and shoes. It’s 45 degrees most days so I won’t be wearing sandals anymore this year. So the sandals came out and I moved my sneaker boxes to a shoe closet that I have in the hallway outside of my bedroom. I tidied the little nightstand that’s tucked into the closet and hung my purses on some hooks in the rear of my closet. This is the before…

…and this is the after.

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