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Birthday’s, Birthday’s and more Birthday’s

I finally got everything on my yesterday’s To-Do List completed. I found a great gift for my Mother in Love. I found this cute apron that reads “Grandma’s Kitchen”. It’s definitely not a Heavenly Hostess, but I think she’ll love it and I got it free with a Kohl’s gift card that I recieved in the mail. This is the second one they’ve sent me. This is what I bought with the last gift card.

She doesn’t own an apron so I though this would be a wonderful and original gift. She will be here Friday (her birthday) to pick up the children. They will be staying at my In-Loves until Thanksgiving.

Now, I need to figure out what to get my son and daughter for their birthdays. My daughter will be turning 14 on the 27th of November and my son will be 4 on December 4th. I really want to give my daughter a Brio subscription but, I know that she would like a digital camera even better. I still have a few more days and all of next week to shop for the children so I’ll see if I can find some great deals.

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2 thoughts on “Birthday’s, Birthday’s and more Birthday’s

  1. Country Girl At Heart says:

    Good for you Brenda. I can’t wait to discuss it (via comments) with you guys. I’ve been reading alot of older publications and they are truly very informative and useful even though they are older.

    Thanks for commenting.


  2. Anonymous says:

    It really is birthday time at your house! I have a December birthday, myself, & love it. (o:

    I believe your mother-in-Love will appreciate the apron you’ve chosen for her…it’s really a goodlooking one. I don’t know how people function with out an apron…I HAVE to wear one!

    On a different subject: I’ve started reading “Adventures in Thrift”, & I think I’m going to enjoy it. Done with the first chapter last night, on to the second today.

    have a wonderful day-


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