Birthday’s, Birthday’s and more Birthday’s

I finally got everything on my yesterday’s To-Do List completed. I found a great gift for my Mother in Love. I found this cute apron that reads “Grandma’s Kitchen”. It’s definitely not a Heavenly Hostess, but I think she’ll love it and I got it free with a Kohl’s gift card that I recieved in the mail. This is the second one they’ve sent me. This is what I bought with the last gift card.

She doesn’t own an apron so I though this would be a wonderful and original gift. She will be here Friday (her birthday) to pick up the children. They will be staying at my In-Loves until Thanksgiving.

Now, I need to figure out what to get my son and daughter for their birthdays. My daughter will be turning 14 on the 27th of November and my son will be 4 on December 4th. I really want to give my daughter a Brio subscription but, I know that she would like a digital camera even better. I still have a few more days and all of next week to shop for the children so I’ll see if I can find some great deals.

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