Blogger Book Club

Today is day one of my online“Blogger Book Club” and I haven’t had a chance to read any of the book yet but, I will read some of chapter one tonight.

I have so much on my plate today. This is what’s still on it so far:

Clean master bath: sweep, mop, wipe surfaces (tub is cleaned on Friday’s)

Finish cooking dinner: It’s on the stove now

Flat iron my hair: I washed it this morning and let it are dry, so it’s very wavy.

Gym: I have a boot camp class at 6-7pm at the Y.

Errands: I have to drop off my hubby at church (they have open gym on Monday’s and he plays basketball). Also I need to go to the Goodwill (just to browse) then to Kohls to get a birthday gift for my Mother in Love. Her birthday is Friday. Then go back and pick up hubby at around 8′ish.

So there you have it. My evening is full but I will read at least chapter one tonight…I hope. Has anyone started reading yet or has life gotten in the way? Please leave a comment

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