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Dryer Sheets

The dryer sheets that I buy, usually come folded into thirds. When I open the box, instead of using an entire sheet, I cut each sheet into strips of three right along the natural seam.

I’ve found that a third of a dryer sheet works just as well as a whole dryer sheet. It works for me, and it saves money.

I paid $1.00 for the box that I have now. The box holds 50 sheets. If I use 1 sheet per load costs me .02 a sheet and give me 50 uses. When I cut the sheets into thirds I get 150 uses for less than a penny (.006) per sheet. But don’t take my word for it…try it for yourself.

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6 thoughts on “Dryer Sheets

  1. Country Girl At Heart says:

    Eartmommy…I also use (used) dryer sheets on my carpet. On the way unpstairs from the laundry room I wipe the used dryer sheet on the stair steps by the front door because the sheet smells so good. I don’t know if anyone notices when they come in.

    I will also begin saving the used sheets for dusting. Thanks


  2. Earthmommy says:

    I do the same, although I was 1/2 cutting. I am going to try 1/3.

    Also, when they are used up I find they are great for dusting. I dampen the used one just slightly (just a light misting) and use them to dust shelves, end tables and the like. Not only do they pick up dust, but they usually make the room smell nice too.


  3. Hairline Fracture says:

    Wow…I didn’t know this. I do use half of a sheet in a small load but it’s good to know I can cut them in thirds for any size load.


  4. I cut mine in half… hadn’t thought about doing it in thirds! Great tip!


  5. shucks. They don’t sell dryer sheets where I live. However I only use half of the fabric softner liquid per cap and it works well too. Thanks for the tip!


  6. Anonymous says:

    I cut my dryer sheets too. Most loads don’t require a whole one.



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