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I’m always inspired by your practicality Hadias. I love to plan and make lists, but my downfall is in referring BACK to those lists. That said, we do have a school routine of sorts. Without one, there wouldn’t be much learning going on here. I’m impressed that your children start school on their own — my girls seldom do. The thing is, I like for us to spend time together in the Bible and prayer before their other subjects, therefore if I’m not ready when they are, I hold them up, since we all do Bible together. I like your no housework after 5pm rule too, except HOW do you find time to get it all done during the
day with school going on?

Nina thank you for leaving your comment. I will do my best to explain my home maintainance schedule for you. Please keep in mind that this schedule is achieved through dilligent discipline on my part and on the part of my children. Also keep in mind that home maintainance is an ongoing process that is never complete. We don’t get everything done 100% of the time but we do our best.


The first thing I do is began with was a goal. My goal for cleaning to have is an neat and clean home. Neat and clean for each person is different. For me it is clean and clear surfaces, clean and clear floors and a fresh smelling home. In order to achieve a clutter free space things must be put away. And in order for things to smell fresh they must be clean.

My children follow a Charlotte Mason learning style which means that they are finished with teacher lead school work by 12 noon. This is achieved through much training and is not an over night processAfter lunch we begin chores for about 1 1/2 hours. We follow a daily, weekly and quarterly schedule of chores, which you can access by clicking the hyperlinks below.

Our daily and weekly job schedule is a list of chores that that we do in order to keep the house clean from normal family use. We also follow this schedule of chores in order to keep the house presentable in order to be able to welcome guest at any time. Weekly chores include things such as cleaning the bathrooms, vaccuming, mopping sweeping and laundry. Daily chores includes things like making beds and tidying rooms first thing in the morning, washing the dishes and sweeping the kitchen after every meal.

The quarterly job schedule are things that don’t need to be done daily. This includes jobs such as deep cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, wiping the tops of the kitchen cabinets and steam cleaning the carpets.

A typical Monday in my house for my children would look like this:

Wake-up 8am


Make beds & Tidy room

Math (20 min)

Breakfast (30 min)

Kitchen chores (30 min)

Start laundry

Bible Study (30 min)

History or Science (15 min)

Literature (15 min)

Handwriting (10 min)

Outdoors (30 min-1 hr)

Lunch (30 min)

Kitchen chores (30 min)

Afternoon jobs: sweep & mop all floors, dry, fold and put away laundry (1 hr)

Self directed school work (1-2 hrs.)

Free Time (until dinner)

Dinner (30 min)

Kitchen Clean-up (30 min)

Relax until bedtime

What does a typical Monday in your house look like? Leave a comment.

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