HomeMaking 101

Being a full time wife and mother can be a difficult job especially without a solid plan. In order for me to successfully manage my home I have created a list of rules I should follow below.

Housework– I do no housework after 5 pm except for cleaning the kitchen after dinner. I am a stay at home mom which makes me my own boss. I make my own schedule; therefore if I am still cleaning the house after 8pm on a consistent basis then I need to fire myself. Housework is my job not my life.

Laundry– I never start laundry after 1 pm unless it’s one load. If I wait late in the afternoon to begin laundry I will probably go to bed with piles of laundry on the couch.

Meals– I always know what we are eating at least (and I use this term very loosely) a day in advance. I do this so that I can begin prepping the day before for example, defrosting meats, cutting potatoes or soaking beans. Trying to figure out what we are going to eat at the last minute gives me a headache.

To-Do-List– I never (and I do mean never) make my To-Do list more than six items long. Also, once I have completed everything on it I do not add another item to it. Any new items are first on tomorrow’s list.

Homeschooling– I do not do-for-my-children what they can do for themselves. One of my goals in educating my children at home is to teach them how to be self reliant in their academic responsibilities. They are to be at the table doing school work each morning whether I am up or not. I am always up, but sometimes I may linger in my room talking with there father or purposely not come out of my bedroom, just to test their work ethic. It is their job to get themselves up and out of bed no later than 8 am.

These rules help my home run smoothly and also enable me to create a routine that can meet the needs of all of the members of our family. Each family is going to do things differently. Do what works for you, but while you are at it leave a comment letting me know what routines you follow in order to make homemaking easier for you.