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She’s Got Sole

I wanted to do something different today. So I’m doing this post called “What would your shoes say about you?” It’s where you pick a pair of your shoes…any pair and write what your shoes would say about you if they could talk. If you can, don’t forget to post a picture of your shoes. (for visual purposes) And don’t forget to come back and let me know when you’ve posted. I would love to see what your shoes have to say about you. Here’s what mine had to say about me.

Weight Training Shoes

She enjoys working out and she works hard when she’s at the gym. She has met so many people since she started going and her cardio instructor has become her fitness inspiration. Some days she doesn’t feel like going to the gym but rather like riding right past the gym and going for ice-cream instead. But she doesn’t, and because of that she looks and feels physically better than she’s felt in a long time.
Church Shoes

She has a pep in her step that only comes from knowing that God loves her. God is her “First Love“. She actively serves in her church because she loves serving in the house of her Lord. She loves to fellowship with her family and friends. She is surrendered and humble in the presence of her KING. She is like a lion ready to take on any task the Lord asks of her, yet she is like a lamb yearning to be held in the arms of her KING.

Date Night Shoes

She feels as free as a bird when she spends an adult only evening with the “second love” of her life. He takes her somewhere special, maybe out to an elegant dinner or a social gathering. She feels special because she is her husbands main focus tonight. Tonight she is more than the mother of his children, she is his “Wife”.

Everyday Shoes

She is so much fun. It’s amazing how much work she’s able to get accomplished each day. She runs errands, she drops of and picks up for her children events, she does the grocery shopping and library runs. She is very thrifty and is learning how to spend her husbands money wisely. She knows how to walk away whenever she’s not getting the best deal.

Running/Pilate’s Shoes

She hates running. The only reason she still goes to class is because of her classmates. She know that they want to stop coming just as much as she does. But she is a trooper and she won’t give up. She loves to take time for herself and rewards herself by doing “Pilate’s”. She knows that relaxing the mind and body is just as important as her job as a homemaker. She makes herself a priority in order to mentally and physically be able to make others her priority. She knows that “ME TIME” is equally as important as “WE TIME”.

Blogging Shoes

She has made so many wonderful acquaintances since beginning her blog. She enjoys sharing what she knows and what she is learning about caring for her home. She enjoys sitting at the computer and reading peoples posts. She is inspired by peoples openness in sharing what they may have working years to learn. She enjoys the feedback from her readers and enjoys interacting with them, even if they’ve never met in person.

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2 thoughts on “She’s Got Sole

  1. This is so cute! Love the pointy toe date night shoes. I just can’t wear heels 🙂

    I am so trying to read for the book club… I think I’m gonna print it off so I can finish it more quickly…LOL…

    God bless,


  2. This is such a cute idea! I’m gunna do it sometime soon.

    Love your shoes–from your slippers (look so cozy!) to your date night shoes!


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