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This has been a great week for me. The children are with their grandparents and the house is quiet. I imagine this is how it will be once the children are all grown up. I have had no desire to do any housework and so some things have gotten a little out of hand around here.
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I am really enjoying having my house to myself during the day. I must admit that I’ve been being quite lazy.
I didn’t make a menu until this morning and I hadn’t done laundry in three days. I really haven’t been washing dishes either, I just keep loading them in the dishwasher. With only two of us here it takes much longer to fill up.
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I’m really just enjoying these couple of days as if it were a vacation of sorts. But the laundry baskets are overfilled, there is a layer of dust on my bedroom shelves and dry water stains are beginning to appear around the bathroom. I’ll have to really push myself to spend a little more time cleaning today and a lot less web surfing and TV watching.
cartoon from www.weblogcartoons.com

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