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And this award goes to…

I have been given two awards this week and I am very appreciative of the two ladies that have given them to me.

First allow me to tell you about Sallie. Sallie from Everyday Me..Life As It Happens ,has given me the “Best Friend Blogger” award. She is one of the first people to start commenting on my blog. She encouraged me when I first began homeschooling and has made the journey so much more than what it would have been. I am very greatful for our friendship and all that we share of ourselves between the reading of one anothers blogs.

Second I want to introduce you to meet Milehimama who has given me the “Nice Matters” award. I think I met Milehimama when the author of Rocksinmydryer was hosting a giveaway. She had entered my “Free Book” giveaway. When I read her blog I found it to be witty, sprinkled with sarcasm and down right funny. I have been visiting ever since.

I am deeply appreciative of the friendships that I share with both of these ladies and am grateful for their recognition.

I would like to pass these awards on to some very special friends of mine, not to exclude any of the others that are not mentioned. This first lady and I have have formed an instant bond.She is the author of hopewellmomschoolreborn.

As soon as she commented on my blog I knew that I was going to like her. She visits one of my favorite blogs which is Kacie’s over at sensetosave and that is how we met. I am giving her the “Blogger Best Friends” award.

I would like to give the”Nice Matters” award to Merideth, author of http://likemerchantships.blogspot.com/and Elizabeth author of The merry rose. I have come to admire their homemaking expertise and thrifty deocrating styles. They always have uplifting and encouraging posts on thier blog and I just enjoy visiting with them.

If you know someone who would be deserving of either of these awards simple save them to your computer and let the giving begin. Don’t forget to visit their blog and let them know that you’ve given them an award.

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5 thoughts on “And this award goes to…

  1. Hadias — You are so sweet!!!

    God bless,


  2. HopewellMomSchool says:

    Thanks–I really appreciate all your kind words.


  3. Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations on your awards, Hadias. And, thanks for passing one on to me. I enjoy reading your blog, as well.

    I’ll be sure to pass on the award!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on your awards, Hadias!



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