Catering to Him

How often do I show my husband how much I love him? Do I miss him when he’s gone or am I irritated when he’s around? Do I desire to please him? Do I make pleasing him a part of my everyday life?

Sometimes life can begin to overwhelm us to the point where we have added so many things to our to-do lists that nurturing our relationship to our husbands gets scratched off of the list.

I desire daily to please my husband in some way. I aspire to do something each day that will stand out in his mind as being done especially for him. I wrote a few weeks ago, in a post titled “Beauty 101” ,regarding a personal care regimen that I’ve challenged myself to keep. I wrote how I started the regimen especially for him, but also how it has benefited me as well.

Another area in which I’ve challenged myself is in the area of physical health. I personally do not enjoy working out, but I do enjoy the results that working out brings.

I originally started going to the gym because of my husband. He told me that if I went and saw no results in six months that he would allow me to have breast and tummy augmentation. I wanted flatter abs, a fuller breast and behind. Between giving birth four children, bad eating habits and age, I began to view my body as being disproportionate. I wanted to look and feel like I did when I was nineteen.

So after a month or so my husband began commenting on how good my legs and arms looked and I would grab my flabby stomach and say “But what about this?” He would then reply “Why do you always do that?” I was practically ignoring his appreciation and attention to my better physical qualities.

After six months in the gym I didn’t see the results that I was looking for so I quit. I quit for about five months. He would ask me to give it another try, I saw it as nagging, and I would tell him that that the gym might be working for him but not for me. I gave the excuse that he didn’t give birth to four babies, so he had it much easier. He was very persistence and I gave in and started going again. This time I told him I’m only going because you want me to. And that was the key to successfully overcoming the challenge that I had made to myself.

When I began going for him I began to appreciate the physical attributes that he found attractive. He always tells me how beautifully toned my legs look.

When I began to do it to please him I’ve not only been blessed with the results of a great looking body but I’ve also enjoy heightened his attraction and adoration towards me.

Sometimes I become complacent in catering to my husbands needs.I carelessly think that we couldn’t love one another any more than we already do. But I am learning that the more I please him the harder he tries to out do me in loving. His love is a treasure that I haven’t completely uncovered. My husband has never loved another women the way that he loves me, nor have I loved another man the way that I love him. I challenge myself to show him that I love him each day by doing something for him that holds no selfish motive.

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