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Catering to Him

How often do I show my husband how much I love him? Do I miss him when he’s gone or am I irritated when he’s around? Do I desire to please him? Do I make pleasing him a part of my everyday life?

Sometimes life can begin to overwhelm us to the point where we have added so many things to our to-do lists that nurturing our relationship to our husbands gets scratched off of the list.

I desire daily to please my husband in some way. I aspire to do something each day that will stand out in his mind as being done especially for him. I wrote a few weeks ago, in a post titled “Beauty 101” ,regarding a personal care regimen that I’ve challenged myself to keep. I wrote how I started the regimen especially for him, but also how it has benefited me as well.

Another area in which I’ve challenged myself is in the area of physical health. I personally do not enjoy working out, but I do enjoy the results that working out brings.

I originally started going to the gym because of my husband. He told me that if I went and saw no results in six months that he would allow me to have breast and tummy augmentation. I wanted flatter abs, a fuller breast and behind. Between giving birth four children, bad eating habits and age, I began to view my body as being disproportionate. I wanted to look and feel like I did when I was nineteen.

So after a month or so my husband began commenting on how good my legs and arms looked and I would grab my flabby stomach and say “But what about this?” He would then reply “Why do you always do that?” I was practically ignoring his appreciation and attention to my better physical qualities.

After six months in the gym I didn’t see the results that I was looking for so I quit. I quit for about five months. He would ask me to give it another try, I saw it as nagging, and I would tell him that that the gym might be working for him but not for me. I gave the excuse that he didn’t give birth to four babies, so he had it much easier. He was very persistence and I gave in and started going again. This time I told him I’m only going because you want me to. And that was the key to successfully overcoming the challenge that I had made to myself.

When I began going for him I began to appreciate the physical attributes that he found attractive. He always tells me how beautifully toned my legs look.

When I began to do it to please him I’ve not only been blessed with the results of a great looking body but I’ve also enjoy heightened his attraction and adoration towards me.

Sometimes I become complacent in catering to my husbands needs.I carelessly think that we couldn’t love one another any more than we already do. But I am learning that the more I please him the harder he tries to out do me in loving. His love is a treasure that I haven’t completely uncovered. My husband has never loved another women the way that he loves me, nor have I loved another man the way that I love him. I challenge myself to show him that I love him each day by doing something for him that holds no selfish motive.

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7 thoughts on “Catering to Him

  1. Country Girl At Heart says:

    Thank you all for your comments. A wise woman once told me that if I don’t make my husband a priority there always someone else who will surely try and fill that need for him. Take care of your man.


  2. Happy in the Home says:

    Thank you for posting this. I had decided that exersize (at least for weight loss) was of no benefit never considered doing it to benefit my hubby! Thanks for pointing this out!


  3. Earthmommy says:

    Very lovely and well said, a reminder we all need from time to time. Thanks for inspiring me to do something special for my hubby today.


  4. A very beautiful post Hadias. I hope that your husband reads it. your consideration is wonderful.


  5. Ah, there it is. Wise words Hadias. Do something for him every day, without any hope or expectation of anything in return….hmmmmmm. Wonder what I could do tomorrow? This could be fun.


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