Christmas Shopping on a Shoestring Budget

My children are at their grandparents house until Christmas.

I will begin my Christmas shopping today.

We recived a (FREE…LIKE NEW) an all-in-one table from our neighbors. You know that one with the air hockey, foos ball, pool and ping pong. Yeah one of those. Well that worked out great beacuase…for one…I wanted one of those for the kids for the past two Chrsitmas’s and for two…I didn’t have to pay a thing for it.

Anyway…we have a tight budget to work with this year (about $70 for six people), and I am going to try and get everyone 1 thing off of their wish list.

I would tell you my plans but I’ve been made privy to some very pertinent information, which is that my daughter reads my blog while she is at her grandparents house. So I won’t mention the great gift I’ll be getting her. (She already knows about the all-in-one table)

1. What are some of your inexpensive (less than $10.00 non-hand made) gift ideas?

2.  Are all of the gifts that you give brand new items?

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