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Christmas Shopping on a Shoestring Budget

My children are at their grandparents house until Christmas.

I will begin my Christmas shopping today.

We recived a (FREE…LIKE NEW) an all-in-one table from our neighbors. You know that one with the air hockey, foos ball, pool and ping pong. Yeah one of those. Well that worked out great beacuase…for one…I wanted one of those for the kids for the past two Chrsitmas’s and for two…I didn’t have to pay a thing for it.

Anyway…we have a tight budget to work with this year (about $70 for six people), and I am going to try and get everyone 1 thing off of their wish list.

I would tell you my plans but I’ve been made privy to some very pertinent information, which is that my daughter reads my blog while she is at her grandparents house. So I won’t mention the great gift I’ll be getting her. (She already knows about the all-in-one table)

1. What are some of your inexpensive (less than $10.00 non-hand made) gift ideas?

2. Β Are all of the gifts that you give brand new items?

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping on a Shoestring Budget

  1. I am using my Amazon.com gift cards I got from using swagbucks on a daily basis. I am also making bread, candies, and sweets to give to the adults in our family. For our children and grand children I have been buying things from the dollar general, walmart, and other stores that are on clearance. I got 4 princess wands at Dollar General day before yesterday for a quarter each. This will make good presents for my granddaughters and none of the will feel like they don’t have their own. I am making a travel basket for my mother-in-law with all the samples I have gotten the last few months so when she goes to travel she doesn’t have to take fuil-sized items and such.


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    Those are great ideas. Very frugal and creative. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hadias, if you send me your mailing address to Rebekah L Johnson @ gmail . com (no spaces anywhere), I will get Passionate Housewives in the mail to you with a little surprise. πŸ™‚


  3. Anonymous says:

    Books make good gifts around here, & I can pick them up used for between a quarter, & $2.99, depending on the place. Lately, my kids have real similar tastes in reading, with very few deviations, so this year I have bought an entire stack of books for them. I will tie these up with a ribbon & have them set out on Christmas morning.

    Waiting for rock-bottom prices on clothes also works well for me. 75% to 90% savings is just what I’m looking for!

    I like gift certificates too. A $10.00 one to a favorite store can make someone really light up!

    So, between new & used gifts, I think we do pretty well.

    A Merry Christmas!


  4. Well, I did actually make quite a few gifts this year and most of them I was able to make with yarn that was given to me. πŸ™‚

    But we are also able to give our kids a recycled computer as a family gift, and we got the desk from a trash find. I am giving my son an alarm clock that I got off of freecycle (he has been asking for one for 2 years!), and I was able to find two excellent toys for my girls from Target in their ‘Kool Toyz’ section where almost everything is $10 and the quality is good.


  5. Milehimama says:

    I am giving some recycled gifts – thrift store and garage sale.
    I bought a valise filled with costume jewelry for $2 for my 3 yo daughter, and a wooden baby bed for my 2 yo daughter for $1. I bought a Spiderman money bank for my 8 yo son for $1 and I’m giving the boys wallets as well.

    I also got a K’Nex set used (but with all the pieces well organized) for the boys to share for $10.

    Check the craft stores – Michaels and AC Moore have 50 or 40% off coupons. I got my 6 yo a pot holder weaving loom for $3.50, half off, a Melissa and Doug toy for $4.50 half off, and they carry a bunch of science experiments too!

    I bought my 6 yo daughter sparkly dress shoes for church (she’s at the age where glitter shoes are a big deal) for $9. I’m going to check Goodwill later today for a purse for her as well.

    Walmart is carrying Christian T-Shirts for $6 and I bought one for my husband. He works construction and wears T-shirts to work.

    Last year I bought bears at the craft store and made a tutu for them; I gave the girls fabric, ribbon, etc. and glue and let them dress them up too. They loved that!

    Have fun shopping!


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