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I just added my 2008 calendar to my Homemaking Binder. You can click the following link you can print off a basic 2008 calandar and at this link you can find some pretty themed calendars.

An annual calendar is great addition for your home making binder or homeschooling notebook. I also print one to stick in the front of my children’s notebook so that he or she can keep up with the date.

Speaking of home making binders if you haven’t already made one…put creating a homemaking binder at the top of your 2008 ‘To Do’ list. If you make one that caters to your family it will end up saving you time and energy. The key to a successful binder is using it. Check out some that others have made.

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9 thoughts on “Home Making Binder

  1. I have been reading Candy’s blog for a while. She just finished her HMB-U series this week. (i was afraid she was gonna take it away! – glad she didn’t!)
    Thanks for these links. I have never posted my schedule or binder. Maybe I should.
    I enjoyed your blog. Very helpful. I’m always seeking out advice, tips, etc. to strengthen my homemaking skills. You’d think I’d have it down after almost 20 yrs., huh?


  2. SunshinyLiving says:

    Just a quick note- I’ve been reading Candy’s blog for over three years. I started reading it when she and her family were living in an RV- something I’ve always wanted to do 🙂 Anyway, MileHi Mama is telling the truth. Candy regularly bashes Catholicism (in a mean and derogatory fashion, not calmly with love). During the voting period for the blogging awards she really did remove the most inflammatory posts about Catholicism. (I have a Catholic friend who has these saved on her computer.) I’m disappointed in Candy’s comment above because she lies outrightly. I had expected better of her.


  3. Thank you for the link to me. I’m glad you like my binder. 🙂 Also, thankyou for not being judgemental, but gracious in the face of the falsities that Milehimama said. There is a “hate-Candy” gossip site that has been putting out a lot of lies about me.

    Those who read my blog know that the truth, and that’s what counts. 🙂

    I have no need to defend myself, my blog speaks for itself, and God knows my heart.


  4. Hi Lady,

    Just came over to wish you and your family a happy new year!

    May all your dreams and wishes for 2008 come true!

    I made a new controljournal as I call my binder for 2008 one with empresses with locs 😉 so I can relate even more LOL I didn’t use my binder that much last year but I have every intention to do so this year!


  5. Hadias, Thanks for this post! I’m very inspried to start a binder of my own.

    Now that I’ve read the other comments here, I’d also like to add that as a Catholic myself, though I’m continually frustrated by the stereotypes and mistaken ideas that are spread about us, I wouldn’t ever assume bad intentions on your part for posting links like these when the other bloggers also happen to share harmful attitudes about my faith as well as great info on organization. God has given us the gifts of intellect and discernment, so I’m aware that even if someone actively campaigns against my Church, I’m able to value her other skills and the information she’s kindly shared. Yes, it can be painful to be so misunderstood, but I’d never be offended by you posting things that you find helpful, even if the sites contain other, not so kind, information.

    I hope your Christmas was peaceful and blessed and you’re coming into the new year with a content heart!


  6. I’m so sorry that you feel that way about Candy’s views on religion. When I read her blog I usually by-pass her posts on CAtholisism because it is not relevent to me. Nor do I read or debate faith issues online.

    If you were offended by what she has posted and I have caused you to visit her blog unbeknownst to you please accept my apologies.

    I certainly wouldn’t enjoy clicking on a link to a blog that displayed pictures or posts that I found offensive either.

    Finally, I enjoy her post regarding homemaking and constructing homemaking binders. I listed her first because I wanted to give her credit for having the most detailed instructions for creating a binder at the time that I began researh for constructing my own.

    With Love, Hadias


  7. I’m starting to piece together my home management binder right now. When I first learned about them, I didn’t think they’d be relevant to me.

    After all, I don’t have kids.

    But, I do need to be organized! I really think once I get my binder completed, it will be a big help to me.


  8. Milehimama says:

    I must tell you as a “bloggy friend” that I was disappointed in your choice for the first link. That website does have some quite nice information re: homekeeping schedules, but the blogger is very mean, ill informed, and nasty especially towards Catholics. I know that you are not Catholic, but her site is notorious amongst Catholic moms because of her hateful rhetoric.

    I don’t know if you have had a chance to browse around her site much to find that out. It’s one thing to disagree. It’s quite another to villify a religion that you do not know much about, refuse any correction, and intentionally provoke and revile the things held sacred by Christians for two thousand years, and knowingly perpetuate false stereotypes.

    She pulled a fast one over the Homeschool Blogger awards (removing several provoking, mean articles during the voting).

    Here is an example of the material she regularly posts – and this is Candy “lite”, if you will, as much of the old anti-Catholic stuff has not reappeared since the recent Homeschool Blogger awards.
    It is so ingrained in her worldview that she merely mentions, as a casual aside, that even though the Geneva bible is Calvinistic and inferior in her mind to the KJV, she really likes the notes specifically because they are anti-Catholic!

    Please keep this comment private, if you can – it is just a friendly aside intended only for you. The last thing the internet needs is another gossip!

    Your sister in Christ,


  9. Thanks for sharing these links. I’ve been wanting to make a nice decorative binder. Maybe these will inspire me. 🙂


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