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I just added my 2008 calendar to my Homemaking Binder. You can click the following link you can print off a basic 2008 calandar and at this link you can find some pretty themed calendars.

An annual calendar is great addition for your home making binder or homeschooling notebook. I also print one to stick in the front of my children’s notebook so that he or she can keep up with the date.

Speaking of home making binders if you haven’t already made one…put creating a homemaking binder at the top of your 2008 ‘To Do’ list. If you make one that caters to your family it will end up saving you time and energy. The key to a successful binder is using it. Check out some that others have made.

* The Proverbs Wife *Candy’s *A Happy Home’s *Amanda’s *Angel’s *Bahamahomeschooler’s

*Blessed Abundantly’s *Brandy’s *Bren’s *Candi’s *Carrie’s

*Cat’s *Creative Counterpart’s *Christi’s *Crystal’s *Donna’s

*FruitOfHerHand’s *Homekeepingheart’s *Homeschooling Mania’s

*Jaki’s *Jessica’s *Jessica’s *Lela’s *Lizzie ‘s *Meek and Quiet Spirit’s

* Molly’s Momma *Mommy To 7’s *Kim’s *LadyM *LittleFrenchHomestead

*Melody’s *Mistey’s *Mrs. Happy Housewife’s *Page’sPreschoolersandPeace’s

*Rachel’s *Renee’s *Samara’s *Simply Blessed’s *Susan’s *Swylv’s

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