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HomeSchool~Week 16

Can an Egg Bounce?

Becky over at Home Sweet Homeschool posted this experiment on her blog and on YouTube. It fun, fast and can be done with everyday supplies. We just completed our version last week and my kids loved it.

For this experiment you’ll need:
2 clear glasses of bowls
2 raw eggs
1 cup of water or enough to cover egg
1 cup of vinegar or enough to cover egg
2 labels

Day 1 Hands-On-Fun

Step 1: Place egg in two separate clear glasses or bowls

Step 2: Fill one glass with water until egg is completely covered

Step 3: Fill the other glass with vinegar until the egg is completely covered

Step 4: Label each glass

I asked the children to tell me if after three days in each substance would either egg bounce? They wrote their hypothesis and we began the experiment.

Day 2 Observation

Draw the two glasses. Draw in detail any visible differences. Feel the water and egg with your finger and smell both glass. Notate your observations.

Day 3 Grand Finale

Carefully remove each egg from it container. We used a ruler to drop each egg from different heights beginning at 2 inches and increasing by two each time we dropped it.

Watch the video to get the full picture. Be sure to stop by and visit Becky she always has wonderful ideas for fun activities.

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1 thought on “HomeSchool~Week 16

  1. HopewellMomSchool says:

    You can do a similar experiment with chicken bones. I hate and loath “science fair” so my kids have done both!! The bones at Christian school complete with Bible verse. The egg in public school with way less enthusiasm and only and Honorable Mention!


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