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I Will Not Take Them for Granted

December is a month in which our country experiences the highest amount of suicides. Families live further away from one another these days. Financial pressures are really hitting people harder than ever. Americans are experiencing the threat of foreclosures and bankruptcies coupled with the rise in price for daily necessities such as gas and food. On top of all of this people are faced with their own internal turmoil as well.

I myself am facing many financial difficulties due to the changes in economy. December has been a very challenging month for our family both financially and relationally. It has been a month thus far where I am feeling a deeper need to draw nearer to God. I have encountered some experiences that are very new to me and they are experiences in which I don’t have the wisdom to make sound decisions, so I am really depending heavily on those that God has placed above me beside me and beneath me.

Above Me: God has blessed me with some wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ that I am able to go to in times of trouble. These are individuals that are mentors to me. They have experienced things that I have yet to experience and have made it through with their faith in tact. I can depend on them to give me the honest truth about a matter, but not only that, they are able to give me the truth lovingly.

Beside Me: By my acceptance of his hand in marriage, God placed my husband at the head of my life. He is very wise and knowledgeable concerning the things of God. I depend on him for sound advice and respect his opinion very much. He shows me so much of who God is by his actions. At times when I am weak he encourages me in order to make me stronger and at other time he shelters me from the storms of life. He pushes me to face each challenge and motivates me with Gods word.

Beneath Me: God has blessed me with the most wonderful children. When He created them He created them especially for me. They encourage me when I am down and cheer me on when I am up. I can see their love in all that they choose to do and not do. I never knew how important a role my children would play in my walk of faith. They teach me so much and challenge me to be better simply by watching them obey God.

There are some people out there who don’t have God or his people to depend on. They may look at their temporary situation as to much to bear. During this season I will be praying for Gods strength to make it through my own trails but I will be especially praying for those who are out their struggling and do not know that the Lord is available to be their help in times of trouble.

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