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My Week

I have been tagged by Happy in the Home. I will answer the following questions for those who are interested in reading about the mundane details of my week.

1.What did you accomplish this past week? I have gotten my 8th grader caught up on her math, caught up homeschool grade book which fell behind in week 12 of school, organized my desk and television stand.

2.Did anything not go as expected? I expected my husband to be home more this week but he actually worked over 65 hours this week.

3.What was the highlight of your week? Sunday my in-loves had dinner with us, and accompanied us to a show. She found two beautiful framed photos at a flea market and yard sale that she gave to me.

4.Did anything exciting happen that you did not expect? I got my refund from Google and received the 1 GB flash drive in the mail that I ordered. (For FREE)

If you’ve read this post YOU are officially tagged.

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