New Year Resolutions

Alright…we’ve made it through Christmas and now we are in the final stretch of 2007. Once Christmas is over I begin ritualistically doing a few things. I begin reflecting on what I’ve accompliched in 2007 and begin setting goals for 2008.

If you never look back you’ll never realize how far you’ve come.

Reflection: Around this same time each year I begin journaling about all of my accomplishments and those of my children and husband. When this year ends I want to focus on what we were able to achieve rather than what we didn’t. One of my accomplishments this year is that I’ve allowed my husband to be just that…THE HUSBAND. I humbled my self by bringing myself under his direction for this family…and you know what?…..

he didn’t let me down. He did what he said he could do…and I trusted him. Not that I didn’t before, but each year I have to make a conscience decision to let him run our family. I don’t know about y’all but, I am a control freak and I have a problem with authority so this is an accomplishment for me.

I make these journal entries because they encourage and motivate me. They give me a tangible evidence of my faith. They show me how far I come. They allow me to see all that I have been able to do through my faith in Christ Jesus. I’m amazed when reading over the things that I’ve done that I never dreamed I would do.

If you spend too much time looking back you’ll never begin moving forward.

Goals: I also write down my goals and areas of improvement. My goals are usually things I’d like to do as a Christian, a wife, a mother and a homemaker.

For example last year I decided to begin crocheting again. I made this apron which turned out to be the first apron that I’ve ever owned. It sparked a desire in me to wear aprons and I gained another reason for enjoying homemaking. Not only is crocheting something that I enjoyed doing this year but I taught my daughter how to crochet as well. Those hours teaching her where some of the best spent hours of my life.

Goals are not things that I write down just for the sake of writing them; each goal creates new memories and experiences. I write them down as a reminder of who I am. It reminds me of what really matters most. For me it is family. Each and everything I do is to become a better person for myself and for my family. One of the areas that I will be working on can be read about here. This is something that I haven’t been diligent in doing but I will be putting a special emphasis on this area in 2008.

Are there any traditional or ritualistic things that you do each year? For example, make New Years resolutions or watch the ball drop on television in Times Square.

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