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New Year’s Celebration

This recipe for Bethany’s Christmas Candy is so yummy. It’s quick…ten minutes…and easy to make. This is just one of the delightful treats that we will be eating tonight. I will also make some split pea soup and later on hubby will be bringing home milk chocolate bars, marsh mellows and graham crackers for some delicious S’mores. We will light the fireplace tonight and bring in the new year together. By 2008 we will be intoxicated with sugar and lot’s of love.

How do you bring in the new year?
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3 thoughts on “New Year’s Celebration

  1. We spent it at church, praising God for the outgoing year and for great blessings in the new one!


  2. This was the first year that we celebrated changing of the year without additional family members so it was just me and my 3 men 🙂

    We watched dvd’s: Charlotte’s web and ratatoille and played some boardgames. As special treat dh ordered pizza’s so I didn’t have to cook 😀 on the last day of the year.

    We didn’t really snack caus everyone was still kind of full from the pizza’s so the freezer and fridge are still stocked with treats. Wich is great for my budget in the first month of the year 😉

    I was so tired this last week that I was in no condition to bathe and pray for my sons and dh or myself in ritual ways of my homeland but we did pray and it was great to hear my eldest son his prayer for all of us for this new year!

    It’s family tradition to light a white candle, fill a cup with rice and a glass with water and place that on the table as the year changes. It’s a tradition to humbly ask for light and guidence for the next year, and also for GOD to provide water and food for us in the year to come. My youngest for the first time really noticed me doing this and runs in the bedroom from time to time to see the candle that is still shining.


  3. That looks very yummy!

    We’re planning dinner of an appetizer buffet. Ben makes jalapeno poppers and lil smokies and pigs in blankets. I’ll be having chips and dip and crackers and cheese and things like that. Ben loves the special New Year’s dinners, especially because he likes to have the chance to cook. I’ve already decided I won’t say a word about the mess in the kitchen when he’s done. He’ll like that too, because I usually bug him about cleaning up when he cooks.

    Other than the food, we’ll probably watch a movie, and possibly play some games. Sometimes we watch the ball come down on tv, but we don’t have tv service anymore, so we’ll just play some music instead.

    Hope you all have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!


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