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Update on this post. I have been credited by Google for the $10.00 that they deducted from my account. They explained that it was a misunderstanding. I should receive two flash drives in the mail in a few weeks.

Also Tylenol is still offering the free $5.00 off coupon at their site. It’s cold season so take advantage now while supplies last. Tylenol has been on sale at many stores for the past couple of weeks for $4.99 or less, so it’s literally free.

Also if you guys haven’t noticed, to the left of this post is my BookMooch inventory, which is a listing of all the books that I am giving away for FREE. This is what you need to do to get a FREE book. If you have books laying around that you wouldn’t mind getting rid of set up an account and list them on BookMooch. For every 10 books you list you get a point. Once you earn 1 point just click on the book that you want and I will send it to you free of charge. So if you see something you like feel free to create an account and choose a book from my list. Also if you decide to sign up be a sweetheart and list me as a referral.

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  1. I’m glad Google cleared everything up. I tried the same deal, and picked some things were I had to pay a dollar or two shipping to be Christmas gifts for my family. Everything had gone okay for me, but my sister did the same thing, and Google messed up her charges too. So it sounds like they’re not spot on everytime, to say the least.


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