Parenting 101: Preparing for Marriage

My children are getting to the age where they are feeling the pressures of dating. We do not allow our children to date yet, seeing as our oldest is only fourteen. We do encourage them to focus not on what they can’t do, but on what they can do. I deter them from spending their energy desiring simply to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. I instead encourage them to spend that time praying for their future spouse.

It is very important that I validate my children’s feelings, because being a teen can be a very emotional period of life.

I know…I used to be one. I know what it is like to have, what seems like, all of your friends talk non stop about who they are dating. You begin to feel like you are missing out.

We don’t know specifically who our children will marry, but we do recognize that they have a very real desire for relationship. What we do to prepare for that relationship is identify what they should look for in a partner.

We’ve identified biblical characteristics such as honesty, and humility, and we pray that each future spouse allow God to develop those characteristics in them. We pray for their spouses salvation and their sexual purity.

This allows our children to think productively about their future spouse. It also allows them to meditate on Godly characteristics. By equipping them with a biblical standard they will be able to identify these characteristics or the lack thereof in a potential mate.

Please answer any or all of the following questions. See the comments for my answers.

1. If you are a parent, will your children court or date?

2. At what age are your children allowed to date or begin courting?

3. Did you date or court?

4. At what age did you begin dating or courting?

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