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Tackle it Tuesday:The Chicken Plan

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This plan will work whether you are working with 1 whole chicken or with one 100 whole chickens. I usually cut 4-5 chicken per week. To begin you want to rinse inside and outside of the chicken, and then cut the chicken into parts using whatever method suits your fancy. For those who need a little help here’s a tutorial below.

After the chicken has been cut into parts I place all of the wings (10 total) in a freezer bag. These will be used for hot and bbq wings. I then season all of the legs (10 total) and place them in a freezer bag for fried chicken legs. The 10 thighs are placed in a freezer bag with a marinade,usually soy sauce, brown sugar, ginger, salt and pepper. Five of the breast are frozen for “Spicy Chicken Sandwiches” and the other five will boiled with the chicken bones. The boiled breast will be removed from the pot after about 10-15 minutes and chopped and frozen for use in “Chicken Fried Rice and Chicken Nachos”. The diced chicken can also be used for casseroles or arroz con pollo as well.

Chicken Stock
Put all of the chicken bones and in a large pot. Cover with water. Add salt and pepper. When I have some of the following on hand I add them as well; onion skins (not the papery part but the first soft layer) celery leaves (The flowery parts that people normally throw away) and the tips of the carrots. You can use any veggies or parts that you like. The parts will be discarded and are only being used for their natural (hopefully preservative and pesticide free) flavors.

Bring everything to a boil, cover and simmer 30 minutes, skimming the residue from the top every 10 minutes. After 30 minutes remove the veggies and simmer on low another thirty minutes. Remove the bones and let the stock cool. Once cool place the pot in the refrigerator. When the stock cool it will form a layer of grease on the top. Skim this off with a spoon. I reheat the stock to make it pourable. Once reheated to about room temperature I pour the stock in ice trays and freeze. Once frozen I pour the cubes in freezer bags.

I use a few cubes for gravy’s or a lot of cubes for soups. The stock has a very delicious concentrated flavor. Sometimes I add a cook or two of water to dilute the flavor.

Here is an additional link for preparing whole chickens http://www.menus4moms.com/bulk/chicken_plan.php

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7 thoughts on “Tackle it Tuesday:The Chicken Plan

  1. Country Girl At Heart says:

    I will do both tags. That’s what friends are for. I’ll post my answers next week.


  2. Happy in the Home says:

    Uh, I tagged you to, but for a different game. If you don’t want to participate, let me know and I will tag someone else.


  3. Hadias — This looks so yummy! Also, do you know a way to print the book? I have to get away from my computer to finish it. I am just too distracted sitting here and reading it 🙂

    God bless,


  4. HopewellMomSchool says:

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve looked at several “chicken plans” trying to use up all the whole chickens I bought last spring at the Boy Scouts fundraiser!! We have a Tyson plant nearby that lets groups do these sales. Great price, but man am I sick of whole chickens!!! lol……


  5. Thank you for all the info! It was entertaining to watch the videos. I’m all fired up, all I need now is a sharp knife and the will to get around my aversion to touching raw meat, lol.

    I also wanted to mention how smart I think it is that you use the dredging flour for the roux in your gravy. At first I thought, but raw chicken touched that! But then I realized that you cooked a roux pretty thoroughly, so it wouldn’t matter. And you’ve used flour that would have to be thrown away otherwise! That’s a great tip.


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