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The Joys of Thrift

I have really enjoyed reading ‘Adventures in Thrift’ with you all. Your comments have been great and have caused me to look at the book from so many different perspectives. I hope that you’ve all enjoyed participating as much as I did.

Below are my thoughts on the final chapters of the book. If you have anything to add please do so. I really enjoyed reading with you guys. In the process, I have made some very good friends and have found some great blogs to visit.

The listing of the Book club questions and comments will be removed from my sidebar, but can still be accessed by clicking on ‘book club’ under the ‘topic’ link. I hope that you will consider joining me again for another book reading in 2008.

“There is no reason why a woman should not take the same satisfaction in the businesslike management of her home as her husband takes in the management of his store or office. The mistake we men make is depreciating or taking for granted good household management on the part of our wives. Perhaps if we were a little more sympathetic or appreciative, women would find thrift a joy and not a burden.” Mr.Larry page 200

As I am reading through chapter 8 of “Adventures in Thrift” I am finding it thoroughly enjoyable. The respect that Mr. Larry has for Mrs. Larry’s role as homemaker is admirable. He takes her role very seriously. He not only provides the income to enable her to care for the home but he also involved as well. He encourages in her adventures in trying managing their finances more carefully and he’s even accompanied her and Claire on some of their journeys. I have really thus far, enjoyed the relational aspect of this book along with the informational one.

Lady Lydia has an excellent post on how life is so much better at home for everyone when a woman decides to make the keeping of it her primary career. This post just so happens to coincide with what I am reading in the book.

In addition, Elizabeth at The Merry Rose is reading “Adventures in Thrift” and was just as puzzled as I was when she read that Mrs. Larry cleans her daughter’s white coat with gasoline. This must have been common practice during the early 1900’s. If you are a bit puzzled about these methods as well, head on over and find out more. She has compiled a very informative post regarding the use of gasoline as a cleaning product and also how it is still used in some form today.

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1 thought on “The Joys of Thrift

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to comment about the practice of using gasoline to clean clothing. Yes, that was “dry cleaning” of that time.

    I remember my mother using lighter fluid sometimes to work spots on things, & extend their use before she sent them out for actual dry cleaning. My father would use gasoline in his workshop to clean tools, get paint off of things, etc.

    I’ll have to visit the Merry Rose & read her information on this!



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