The U.S. Government to Release New Dollar Coins

The U.S. Government to Release New Dollar Coins and you’ve guessed it


If ever there was a reason to boycott something, THIS IS IT!!!! DO NOT ACCEPT THE NEW DOLLAR COINS AS CHANGE. Together we can force them out of circulation.

Please help do this. Refuse to accept these new coins when they are handed to you. A friend of mine received one from the Post Office as change and asked for a dollar bill instead. The lady just smiled and said “way to go” so she had read about these new coins. Please help out….our world is in enough trouble without this too!!!!!

This is an email that I recieved from a friend this morning. I hadn’t heard anything about this before now.

Has anyone gotten one of these coins?
Did you notice that ‘in God we trust’ was missing?
What do you think?
Leave a comment.

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