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I have found what I deem to be the perfect book for those still on the quest to live a thrifty. If you were able to read “Adventures in Thrift” and enjoyed it as much as I did than you will equally enjoy this book.

The book that we will be reading is called “Thrift in the Household by Dora Morrell Hughes“. It can be read free online by clicking the above link. I will also place a link to the book on my sidebar. If you will be participating in the book club please post about it on your blog and leave a link to the post on Mr.Linky below. In your post be sure to include a link to the “Blogger Book Club” post so that your readers can easily join us. This is not a requirement but I ask that you post about it because at least one of your readers wants to read along.

On Monday’s I will assign a chapter or two, then on following Friday, I will post a discussion question for you to answer. You must post your answers and comments on your own blog. Once you have created your post you’ll come back and link to it using Mr.Linky. This way everyone will know who has replied and can easily find their replies.

If you do not have a blog you can simply leave a comment here on my blog.

Also, if you will be reading along please leave a comment. We need at least 10 people to have a successful discussion.

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6 thoughts on “Blogger Book Club

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying reading Thrift in the Household, and was thrilled to learn of the “Hearth” website at Cornell. What a valuable resource!
    So far, my favorite thing “gleaned” from TITH are the comments on when it is fine to buy in bulk, and when it is better to buy food in sealed packages. Since that book was published we as a culture have gone through a complete cycle on that issue and now returned to a situation like that described by Mrs. Hughes! I am not comfortable buying foods that will not be cooked by me in bulk, but had never articulated it to myself in that way before reading this very sensible book…


  2. Anonymous says:

    I will do my best to keep up with the reading and look forwards to this book /discussion. Gill.


  3. I’m new to blogging in general, but I’d love to participate!


  4. Elizabeth says:

    I read the first chapter of Thrift in the Household today!


  5. I would love to participate! I think of myself as pretty thrifty but I can always use new tips and ideas! Can’t wait to get started!


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