Blogger Craft Club

It’s official the “Blogger Craft Club” will begin on January 28, 2008. The first project that I will be working on is this:

For those who will work on this project with me click the following link for the instructions.

The next project will be this:

I will only be making the lower half of this pattern to create a hostess apron. Click the following link for instruction for the crochet daisy apron.

The next project will be a simple shawl. Below is a picture of the pattern.

And finally a clustered tote bag.

Feel free to choose your own colors.

I would appreciate it if you were to share the news with your readers. This is the time of year when we experience the highest suicide rates and if people are visiting our blogs apparently they are searching for something. Whether it be friendships, information or just a place where they can be themselves, everyone wants to be a part of something. So let them know what’s going on so that they can join in and share a small piece of themselves here in bloggityville.

Each Monday beginning on January 28th I will post a picture and update of my progress. At the bottom of that post will be a Mr. Linky so that you can include a link to your progress as well. Please leave a comment if you will be participating in the “Blogger Craft Club”.