Blogger Craft Club

Update: The title of this post has been amended to include any craft that you are working on this year. So instead of the previous title “Blogger Crochet Club” it is now officially the “Blogger Craft Club”. (see below for details)

I was so inspired by Becky‘s handcrafted crochet poncho, and all of the people who created gifts prior to December, that I’ve decided to start 2008 off making crochet Christmas items for next year. I always wait until the last minute but not this year; and to prove it…I will post each pattern on my blog along with the pictures displaying my progress.

I think that this is such a wonderful idea that I would like to get you involved in the fun.That right…if you can crochet and are interested in working on a crochet project with me, I will post the pattern 3 weeks in advance with a mister linky for you to join me. With “Mr. Linky” you’ll be able to link to your post and to pictures of your progress…sorta like a “Blogger Crocheting Club”. You can join us at anytime, work at your own pace and even work on your own choice of project and post pictures as well.

It will be so great to work together creating some fun items for ourselves and some gifts for others. I am not a crochet expert…this is the most elaborate project that I’ve ever worked on. But…I am going to try some things that I’ve never made before. Some projects will be a tote bag, a handbag, a hostess apron and a poncho.

The first pattern will be posted in February and we will begin crocheting in March.

This will be a great way to interact with new bloggers and increase your blog traffic.

Will you join me? (Please leave a comment)