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For those participating in the "Book Club"

I initially wanted to have Mr. Linky for both the book club and the craft club but have come to learn that unless I upgrade to a paid Mr.Linky account I can only use one Mr.Linky link per blog. So…there will be a Mr. Linky for the craft club but no Mr. Linky for the book club.

I will post the book club questions here each Friday and each participant can answer via comments. If this is your first time participating and I have confused you just click on the book club link on my side bar and check out the format from the reading of “Adventures in Thrift”. Sorry for the confusion.

Just leave a comment on any post on my blog letting me know if you plan to participate.

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4 thoughts on “For those participating in the "Book Club"

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I posted a link to the book club. But, for some reason, I wasn’t able to do it through the “Add This” Link on your site. So, I don’t know if it will show up on your site as a link. Anyhow, any readers of my site can follow a link here to check out your book club.


  2. I am in as well! I have just printed the first 2 chapters so I can read it cosy on the coach instead of staring at the screen 😉


  3. I hope to join this round of the book club!

    Also, are you sure about the Mister Linky? When I’ve used it, I just don’t select a “meme” and then I can use it for whatever post, regardless of topic. But, I’m not all that familiar with Mister Linky just yet.


  4. I’m in for the book club! (And possibly the craft club.) I’m looking forward to it. Do we start reading this coming Monday? I scanned the table of contents and it looks really interesting.


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