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Go Ahead And Laugh…

I copied this blog from another site. The author clearly stated what things their family has decided to make priorities and then stated the benefit that it has produce for them. I am posting this not because I do these things but because I admire the writers dedication to what they believe. Let’s read:

*Go ahead and laugh that we cling to our religious faith and proudly display religious items throughout our home.

*Go ahead and laugh when you say that we don’t seem to live in the ‘real’ world because things aren’t done that way anymore.

*Go ahead and laugh as you say, yes it’s good to be religious but my family seems fanatical and a little weird.

*Go ahead and laugh as you say just how uncomfortable you are around us because you fear that you might slip up and cuss.

*Go ahead and laugh at how strange it is that my wife and I would rather spend time together, instead of with others.

*Go ahead and laugh as you declare just how ‘lucky’ we must have been to make it through the tough times and to avoid divorce.

*Go ahead and laugh as you say how easy it is to loath my children because they always seem to do just the ‘right thing’.

*Go ahead and laugh that my children appear to be happy and they have happy friends-no gloom and doom or dark clouds overhead.

*Go ahead and laugh when our children dress up not as demons but rather as Biblical characters for halloween.

*Go ahead and laugh at the fact that we have a sacred area of our home that we call our prayer closet.

*Go ahead and laugh as you come up with excuses for not having family devotions and prayers together every night.

*Go ahead and laugh and say just how silly we look while dining out, because we pause to say grace aloud and together.

*Go ahead and laugh because we strive to have a sit-down, around the table, family meal at least four nights a week.

*Go ahead and laugh because we believe that ‘our way’ provides the very comfort and security that children need and want.

*Go ahead and laugh because we claim to have discovered the true secret to happiness,and it’s called being a Christian.

*Go ahead and laugh because being a Christian isn’t about what we do or don’t do but rather about what Jesus has done for us.

*Go ahead and laugh we will still pray that you will want to join in with us someday soon.

*Go ahead and laugh for we will worship the Lord our God,in Him we have all and are in need of nothing.

*Go ahead and laugh and say that you think that ‘all this’ is okay for my family, but it wouldn’t work for your family.

*Go ahead and laugh it’s okay because we believe that someday soon you will wish for your family to be as ours.

*Go ahead and laugh my friend, for laughter is all you may have.

1.Have you ever experienced sarcasm or indifference from people for having Bible based values?

2.What lifestyle changes have you adopted that have been beneficial?
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6 thoughts on “Go Ahead And Laugh…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oops! Sorry, looks like I’m repeating myself! I just read the comments (did not do that before) & see that I shared a similar comment way back at the end of last summer.



  2. Anonymous says:

    This is so beautiful, Hadias! Thanks for posting it!

    Question #1: Yes, I have experienced sarcasm, ridicule, & downright nastiness from people for the way I choose to live, & the things I choose to partake of, or not partake of. It is uncomfortable at best, exhausting & hurtful at worst. And unfortunately it comes from my original family, whose behavior worsened after our mother died.

    Question #2: I have not adopted any noteworthy lifestyle changes (an earlier time in my life versus now). I would only say that I feel more & more confident about my choices as the years go by.



  3. 1)No I don’t think I have ever been rediculed well at least not in my face ;-)I have had a few strange looks when I start a new job or go to dinner with/at new made friends, because I was taught not to touch my plate before I thanked the Lord for providing for the food and asked him to bless the hand that made the food. I have had a chef come out of the kitchen once to thank me for praying for his hands LOL
    My children pray out loud at the mc donalds and well it’s good for a few chuckles from the people at the tables surrounding us but never in a way that we felt laughed at actually I would have to say it’s was more a encouraging chuckle if such a thing exists.

    2 None really, I was born into a roman catholic family and all things I do now I have been taught to do since childhood. Even though I have distanced myself from the church I still pray the exact same prayers.


  4. I certainly have been mocked for my beliefs, even by some members of my extended family! It saddens me for two reasons…1) that they are missing out on the Truth and 2) that they would be so uncaring toward someone they are supposed to love and support.

    As far as our lives, we have dinner together as often as we can, we strive for nightly but with my mate’s work schedule he is sometimes absent. We are homeschooling our youngest child, who is almost 3. We attend church on Sunday and it is a day reserved for time spent with friends and family and Godly things. This day of rest every seven days is wonderfully rejuvenating for me as a SAHM. We share our beliefs as often as we can, and often open our home to friends or family in need.

    You may enjoy my post “Gentle Witnessing” as it talks about just that.

    Thanks for this wonderful post.


  5. Milehimama says:

    Thanks for this Hadias! I needed it, having just been called too religious and radical by someone who read my blog and warned not to give out my blog address to people who want to see a sample of my writing.

    As for lifestyle changes… our whole way of life is now countercultural. I go to Bible study on Wednesday nights instead of watching TV. Homeschooling. Teaching Sunday School. Being a SAHM. Cooking our own food. Having more than 2.4 children. Not stopping having children once we had a girl. Driving a 6 yo van because it’s not paid off yet.

    And, all of these have been beneficial in so many ways!


  6. Anonymous says:

    Answering question #1….Yes, I have been the target of sarcasm, & from my original family, too! It hurts a great deal to think about it at times. It concerns alcohol, & the fact that I don’t like to drink to drunkeness. One, or maybe two glasses of wine, with a meal, is all I care to have. I’m no prohibitionist, but I am uncomfortable around people who use every get-together as an excuse to drink a lot.

    Answering #2…No, I have not had to “give up” any particular vice, or vulgar habit, etc. in my adult life. But I have seen the personal benefit, to a great degree sometimes, of trying to live in a way pleasing to God.

    Good post! Brenda


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