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Home Economics 101

Teaching my daughter’s all that I know about homemaking, by far, has to be one of my most enjoyable subjects. The time we spend together working throughout our home creates a bond that is not easily broken.

I have seen them, with time and patience, adopt a sense of pride in the tasks that they have been given. They have come to look forward to each new task with anticipation. They practice their craft with determination trying to master each skill in hopes of an gaining an approving smile from mom and a sense of self confidence in their abilities.

Although daughter’s are ever learning how to care for the home from the time that they are little, by watching mother, below I have drawn together some formal lessons I begin teaching around age ten.

Year I

SEPTEMBER. Development of the Home Ideal, Evolution of the House, General Considerations of Each of its Rooms.

OCTOBER. The Kitchen, including the Range, Cabinet, Refrigerator and Floor Cleaning.

NOVEMBER. Foods : Study of Food Materials and Digestion.

DECEMBER. Foods: Food Pyramid, Diet, and Food Portions.

JANUARY. Principles of Cooking and Stocking the Pantry.

FEBRUARY. The Dining Room, Preparation of Menus and Grocery Shopping

MARCH. The Bedroom, including ventilation.

APRIL. Laundry.

MAY. Household Pests.

JUNE. Mending.

Year II

SEPTEMBER. Review the Chemistry of Foods and Principles of Cooking.

OCTOBER AND NOVEMBER. Starchy Foods and How to
Cook Them.

DECEMBER. Proteins and How to Cook Them.

JANUARY. Fish, Oysters, and Salad.

FEBRUARY. Cake and Pastry.

MARCH. Invalid Cooking.

APRIL. Advanced Laundry Work.

MAY. House Cleaning and Household Pests.

JUNE. Advanced Mending and Sewing.

BELATED WORK: Knitting. Crocheting. Sewing. Decorating. Jewelry Making

Carefully written notes should follow each completed week of study.

Carefully written recipe sheet should follow all mastered dishes.

All new words are combined in a spelling journal.

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9 thoughts on “Home Economics 101

  1. Have you developed any material to teach this to children?


    The Proverbs Wife Reply:

    @Mamie, I haven’t. I used old books on home economics. You can find many for free online is you search Google.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    You could put these subjects together in booklets for the family or home school market. I’m sure lots of moms would appreciate some materials to help them teach their daughters how to manage a home.


  3. Jack's Mommy says:

    I think it’s great too! my mom never taught me these things either..she lived more under the “spoil the child” philosophy. I enjoyed it, definately, but it was pretty hard adjusting to married life and learning all the new stuff so fast! I plan on teaching my own (future) daughters these things. 🙂 shoot, I plan on teaching my son these things too – by the time he grows up there probably wont be any women around who will want to take care of him!


  4. Hadias, you’re amazing. You teach your own kids all those things. I honestly wish I can attend your class too.


  5. Thanks Earthmommy for the offer. I may take you up on it oneday. I would really love to create a very femenine layaout with lots of pink.

    Also thank you Mika for commenting I left a message on your blog.


  6. Earthmommy says:

    Hadias, thanks for your wonderful comments on Ramblings. I really enjoy your blog as well and this post was really inspirational.

    As far as layouts and HTML its a hobby of mine if you every need ANY help let me know! BTW, Blogger is easier to use : ).


  7. Can I take your course too? My own mother never took the time to teach me ANY of these things, so I still, after being on my own for almost 10 years still flounder more than I care to admit on taking care of my home and making it the place I want it to be for my family. This is absolutely wonderful you are doing this for your daughters-they will reap the rewards for the rest of their lives!


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