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If you are seeking a great free devotional for your pre-teen or teen HeartConnex is the answer. I am on their mailing list and each week I receive a devo.The best thing about it is that it involves the participation of the parent and child.

The Heart Connex site also contains resources you can use to create a notebook to store your e-Devotions for easy referral in the future. Visit the site to print out a notebook cover and table of contents along with your parent & student pages for this week. Also check out their past lessons if you want to find a devotional on a specific topic.

Also here is a link to the Bible Study that my fourteen year old is working on for her “Character Development” elective. This week she is doing a study on Modesty. Next week, she will be focusing on the topic of Dating.

There is a study regarding Valentine’s Day that we will focus on begining the first week of February. I read over each subject prior to assigning it and edit out any opinions of the author who created the study.

Around what age did you begin studying the Bible?

How do you teach your own children about God’s Word?
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1 thought on “Homeschool News

  1. ~ Angi :) says:

    Oh, this is a neat resource, Hadias . . .I’ve scoped the basic study out, and I like how it creates conversation between the parent and child. A valued commodity as they meander the teen years! 🙂

    Thank you! 🙂


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